With over 25 years experience in the graphic design industry across Europe,

I have had the good fortune to work for many different clients and brands,

from small and local to large and international in size.


Specializing in a multitude of design disciplines, notably Print, Packaging,

Branding, Advertising, Art Direction, POS, Exhibition Design, Television,

PowerPoint, Word and Web Design amongst others.


My client list has included brands such as :

 Lexus, Heineken, Bavaria, Yamaha, Asda, Tesco, Pioneer, Sanofi Pasteur,

Merial, Panasonic, Philip Morris, Asda, Toyota, Tesco, Sainsburys, Danone, Caterpillar, Daihatsu, United Nations, European Commission, Campbells,

Elizabeth Shaw, Lloyds Pharmaceuticals, Compaq, Giant Bicycles,

PES and S&N Brussels Airlines to name but a few.